What is DevOps

The term DevOps is understood in multiple ways. Because I was asked what it is from my point of view, I drew this image. And for those who like written text, below are a few comments.

DevOps landscape by Filip Sedlák ↑ My view of the DevOps landscape — click to enlarge.

  • DevOps is a culture tying together Business, Operations, Development and Quality Assurance. It isn’t a single person you can hire.

  • DevOps is closely related to the agile way of working. It’s the technological foundation that allows to deliver product increments quicker and more reliably.

  • When everything works well, you get
    • quicker time to market,
    • less room for errors when deploying (because you practice it constantly),
    • cheaper experiments and
    • cheaper errors.
  • You pay by having to align the objectives of all the people involved in making of the product.
    • This is no easy task!
    • If any of the parties can’t induce changes in how the others work, you’ll have no DevOps.
photo of Filip Sedlák


Filip helps companies with a lean infrastructure to test their prototypes but also with scaling issues like high availability, cost optimization and performance tuning. He co-founded NeuronSW, an AI startup.

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